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Myths About Sic Bo


Gamblers are a superstitious lot, so even if they’re playing a game of chance, it’s not entirely uncommon to find them sticking to certain strategies that actually do little help in the game. These strategies are actually the same as what other people use whenever they play other online casino games such craps, baccarat, and roulette. There’s really nothing wrong with using these strategies – except that they’re ineffective and you could end up wasting your time when you could be enjoying the game instead.

Trying to Spot Patterns

The most common strategy most people employ when playing Sic Bo is Pattern Spotting. They take a piece of paper and plot out the results of each dice throw so that they can determine a pattern once they have enough data. However, if you talk to any mathematician, he will probably tell you that dice results are completely random. There’s no way to tell what comes next. In fact, you’ll probably get treated to a long lecture about the chaos theory and probabilities.

Casinos, however, go well out of their way to teach people this online casino strategy. In fact, some casinos even have Sic Bo results posted on a board where everyone can see. Don’t be fooled. This isn’t a courtesy they’re doing. This is their way of lulling you into a confident, lax state to make you spend more money.

Betting System

Here’s something that many people believe are worth your while: betting systems. Betting systems can be successful in the short term. The martingale system is particularly popular and there’s a new variation of it coming out periodically from so-called “experts”. However, you can bet that the martingale system is no more successful than a flat betting system and can sometimes even make you lose money with all the doubling up. So if anyone approaches you and promises to improve your Sic Bo strategy with a betting system that is certain to work, don’t believe them. There’s no guarantee that you can win at a game of luck like sic bo. The best you can do in such online casino games is to stick to the best bets which, in this case, would be the small or big and odd or even bets.

Remember that Sic Bo is all about luck and not really about any serious strategy. Manage your bankroll well and couple it with a bit of luck and you should walk away a winner.

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