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Glossary Alphabets in Gambling


Ace High – A hand lower than a pair. It is known as the High Card and very rarely wins a pot.
All In – Placing the remainder of a player’s chips into the pot. If the player loses, they will have zero chips remaining and be forced to leave the table.
Ante – The Ante is like an entry fee for being dealt cards. It is not the same as the blinds or a forced bet.
Auto Blind – Online gaming provides the Auto Blind feature which automates the blind betting feature. Since the blind is compulsory, it makes sense to automate this tedious action.


Bad Beat – A term used most often in the game of Hold’em. It is where a player with a poor hand catches a card and beats a stronger hand on the river.
Bet – A bet is the first action of a player placing chips onto the table. Every player must either equal this bet or throw their cards away to stop them automatically winning the pot.
Big Blind – The large forced bet in a game of Hold’em. The Big Blind position is two places to the dealer’s left and is double the amount of the Small Blind.
Blind – A forced bet placed before dealing the cards. There are two blinds to the second and immediate spot to the left of the dealer. These keep the action moving and prevent players from simply sitting out all the time.
Bluff – A bet made to make opponents believe the bettor has a strong hand when they actually have a weak hand. A successful bluff causes everyone else to fold.
Board – The board is the five community cards dealt on the flop, turn, and river.
Burn A Card – A discarded card left face-down whilst not in play. It is specific to Hold’em and occurs before a new community card appears.
Button – The button is the person acting as the dealer in a game of Hold’em. In online poker it is the most powerful position because it allows them to act last on each round of betting.
Buy In – The exchange of money for chips when first entering the table. It is also the required amount of money for sitting down at a poker table.


Call – Calling is matching the previous bet placed by a player.
Calling Station – A weak player who consistently checks and calls without placing a bet or raising the pot.
Cap – A cap is an artificial limit imposed on the number of raises and re-raises in a round of betting. These caps tend to disappear in heads-up situations.
Catch – A player has caught a card and claimed a catch if a card dealt completes their hand; mainly used in straight and flush situations.
Check – If no outstanding bets exist they can Check and pass the action to the next player without making a bet.
Check Raise – A trapping strategy used to make an opponent believe the player’s hand is weaker than it is. Artificially increases the pot through clever gameplay.
Cold Call – If there are two or more raises in play, a player commits a Cold Call by calling every outstanding bet.
Connectors – Connectors are two cards dealt which have a consecutive rank, such as 2 and 3.
Cowboys – Hole cards dealt which turn out to be a pair of kings.


Deal – The button position. In live games, the player deals the cards to everyone else.
Double Up – When a player goes All In and wins, they Double Up because they have double the amount of chips they had at the start of the round.
Draw – A hand completed only if the dealer deals a specific card.
Drawing Dead – A hand where no additional card is enough to make it the best hand on the table.


Early Position – A player who is one of the first to act on each betting round is said to be in Early Position.

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