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Gambling in the United States – Its Dual Character

It cannot be denied that the gambling market in the United States is probably the biggest market especially for online casinos. The practice is not new in the country. In fact, the practice is as old as the United States history. It is even safe to say that it is a part of the American culture. You have probably seen hundreds of cowboy films featuring salons with people gambling. It is quite safe to say that gambling in the United States will always be a part of the country’s culture.

The United States View of Traditional Gambling

Gambling in the United States has always been viewed favorably or liberally by the government. In fact, most states earn a lot of money from gambling. Actually, you can argue that this industry is, in fact, the largest revenue contributor in most US states. The United States have adopted a liberal view that gambling poses a weak cultural threat. As a result of which, the practice became prevalent in the United States. Over time, people have gotten used to gambling as part of the US culture. You would have friends meeting for a game of poker. Bingo halls became fairly common. Lottery became quite popular as well. So, it was surprising when the government took a negative stance when it came to online gambling.

Online Gambling in the United States

In 2006, online gambling in the United States was banned by the government. The law pertaining to online gambling was a mere rider. This law is so vague and it does not provide a categorical prohibition against online gambling. One thing is clear though – if you are a resident of the United States, you are prohibited from transferring funds or money to online casinos. This doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot gamble online. Unfortunately, many casinos have responded to this law by banning US players from their sites. You may have to look for casinos that accept US players before you can play for real money. You also would have to look for ways that you can transfer money online so you could set up your bankroll. There are many players who use special prepaid cards in order to play.

Gambling in the United States is dual in character. It is both legal and illegal in character. As long as you stayed within the US territory, you are legally gambling. Now, if you gamble online, you would be engaging in illegal gambling. But does this mean that you cannot gamble online? No, it does not. It just means that you cannot transfer funds online. You can still definitely enjoy gambling.

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