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Editor’s Wise Words


For over thirty years, gambling has been my first choice of entertainment. Notice that a point has been made in my previous statement referring to the gambling I’ve so long enjoyed as entertaining; there are two messages I would like to relate to our viewers.

1) Keep it entertaining and fun to do, while playing intelligently, and the small house advantage in the game of your choice will be a small price for you to pay for that entertainment.

2) Give yourself a limit in time and money spent for this entertainment, treating it as any other recreational sport. You wouldn’t agonize through three double head days of baseball back to back, or a marathon viewing session of three, four or five hockey games in one night, so don’t over do this form of sport either.

For twenty years I have been in the business of building and playing slot machines, and I would like to suggest the following: if you play slots, play only the coin denomination that suits your budget. A rule of thumb to follow is that what it costs to pull the handle should be 1/50th of your starting bankroll. This will give you ample time to play through the computer cycle before you run out of money and not leave the upcoming hits to the next player.

Also remember the three cardinal rules of play:

1) If a machine pays nothing in the first ten pulls, get off.

2) If, when you put the coin in, you hear the drop to the bottom bank, stay with it. This means that the coin hopper is full and the coin is being diverted to lower bank. This tells you that the hopper hasn’t paid out lately.

3) If you have doubled your bankroll, quit and try another machine. It is just short of a miracle expecting to retire from the winnings of one slot machine.

Remember, slot machines are only computers and are programmed to win. Thanks and good luck to all!

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