Wednesday, September 11, 2019
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Gambling Addiction There’s a Kind of Rush

Studies conducted in casinos by research groups were aimed at figuring out what is it exactly that makes people addicted to gambling. Subjects randomly picked at certain casinos were given two different situations where their reactions were observed and studied thoroughly.   In one situation, subjects were made to play certain card games with real money. While in another, the same were asked to play without any money involved. In the former, the stress levels of the subjects were heightened.   The anticipation of winning the prize money heightened their stress levels and the rush of certain hormones was significantly higher as well. The subjects' heart rate increased too, when playing for money.   This certain kind of high because of the rush of hormones would remain with the subjects for a couple of hours and then it would go down eventually after gambling.   When you consider this factor, it is the same kind of rush drug dependents or alcohol abusers feel. For others, their addiction is to prohibited drugs, others to alcohol, still others get addicted to gambling.   But the kind of hormonal rush is the same for all kinds of addiction.   This is why when you encounter someone with a gambling addiction for instance, one shouldn't look at the person afflicted with this kind of addiction as someone who's only out to hurt you or take your money or something like that.   They obviously need help and by pointing accusing fingers no one is helping anybody out. The better option is to study what addiction does to the body and why some people are more prone to falling into its trap than others.   Each individual has different genetic make-ups and different personalities. These are huge factors to consider when trying to understand what made the person become addicted to gambling.   Another important thing to remember is to not take personal responsibility for anyone's actions, especially if this person should become addicted to something. In like manner, one shouldn't be too quick to blame other people for their misfortunes.   The key ingredient in helping someone with this kind of gambling problem is to keep an open mind about the whole thing. Being objective gives one a better perspective on things.   Remember that the root of the problem is not that they lost a lot of money in casinos that's why they want to go after it. The root of the problem lies within the person and his issues in life.   Targeting this root will probably help in figuring out what approach to do to face this gambling addiction.

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